Extrusion Downstream Machine

extrusion downstream maschines



The RS 150

We can accelerate your production with our rotary punching machines. Speed and energy consumption are key factors in the plastics processing. This is continually increasing the demands on all components of the extrusion line. We have developed two rotary punching machines that meet these requirements: the RS 150 and the RS 75. Both machines work precisely and reliably at high speeds: the RS 150 at an amazing 50 m/min and the RS 75 with a sensational 250 m/min and a consumption of just 1,4 kW.
Almost all materials are possible: plastics, rubber, cardboard, foils, leather and textiles up to a thicknesses of 3 mm – even metal foil up to 0.8 mm. You can easily integrate our proven rotary punching machine into every extrusion line without any problems. They are designed in a compact manner, extremely quiet, easy to operate and almost maintenance-free.

VIDEO – RS 150 in the extrusion line


Technical data RS 150
Size L 764 x D 770 x H 1734 mm
Weight approx. 350 kg
Extrusion speed max. 50 m/min
Extrusion hight min. 1100 mm ± 100 mm
Drive performance 1,4 kW / 3 kW
Power supply 400V / 16A


● cropping device
● output signal for the operation of external processing modules
● program extension for the punching of variable hole distances
● hopper for cutting waste
● fault light

Technical highlight features of the RS 150

● hinged protective cover with safety device
● optionally with a collecting hopper for cutting waste or a waste collection container
● mounting of other modules is possible, for example, cropping and calibration devices
● easily movable hand-wheel for an alignment of the cutting wheels
● switching cabinet with a large capacity for the installation of additional electrical switching devices
● servo motor with a 3 kW drive is possible
● traverse transport device for easy and safe transportation of the RS 150
● easy integration into existing production lines
● can be used as a stand-alone machine
● automatically adapts to the extrusion speed
● precise and fast: up to 50 m/min
● low power requirement: 1,4 kW / 3 kW
● low power consumption
● easy tool change
● easy to operate
● low noise: < 65-78 dB(A) – at a distance of 1 m
● virtually maintenance-free