Jig Construction

From simple structures to complex devices, we design, manufacture and assemble everything according to your wishes. We can integrate pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical connections at any time. We measure your jigs and check their functionality down to the last detail.

Here you will find examples of our competence:

Welding jigsWelding jigs
For aligning and clamping frames or exhaust parts. Clamping of the individual parts via hand lever. Re-clamping and releasing of the welded assembly via pneumatic cylinders.
Test devicesTest devices
We design and manufacture various test devices for various customers. All workpieces or assemblies are checked for dimensional accuracy and shape tolerances.
Clamping and tack-welding deviceClamping and tack-welding device for range hoods
This device is used for clamping folded stainless-steel sheet metal parts. The welding edges are also precisely aligned so that they can be welded using TIG technology. The device may be rotated in order to ergonomically position the part in respect to the welder. The lifting column enables the welder to adjust the device to his or her height.